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John White
PhD, University of Florida, U.S. History. White is the Dean of Libraries at the College of Charleston. He was recently director of the College of Charleston’s Program in the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World (CLAW) and the project director of the Lowcountry Digital Library (LCDL). He also served as the Associate Dean for Special Collections and supervisor of Digital Initiatives at the College of Charleston's Addlestone Library.

Leah Worthington
Project Coordinator
MA, College of Charleston, History. Worthington is the Digital Projects Librarian for the College of Charleston, coordinating the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative and the Lowcountry Digital Library.

Tyler Mobley
Technical Director
MLIS, University of South Carolina. Mobley is the Digital Services Coordinastor for the Addlestone Library at the College of Charleston.

Heather Gilbert
Digital Collections Manager
MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and MLIS, University of South Carolina. Gilbert is the Interim Head of Digital Scholarship and Services at the College of Charleston and the project director for the Lowcountry Digital Library.

Graduate Assistants
LDHI graduate assistants from the College of Charleston-Citadel Graduate History M.A. Program acquire exhibition materials and provide design and editorial assistance for developing LDHI online exhibitions.

 Colby Causey
    Ashley Hollinshead
    Tayler Sargent    

Former Staff 

Mary Battle
Co-Director, 2013-2016
PhD, Emory University, Graduate Institute for Liberal Arts, M.A., University of Mississippi, Center for the Study of Southern Culture. Battle was the Public Historian at the College of Charleston's Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture. 

Amanda Noll
Project Coordinator
MA, University of South Carolina, Public History. Noll has worked in several museums including the McKissick Museum in Columbia, South Carolina, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

    Graduate Assistants
Bradley Blankemeyer, 2013-2014
    Andrew Cuadrado, 2013-2014
    Harry Egner, 2014-2015     
    Beth Gniewek, 2012-2014
    Ciera Gordan, 2014-2015   
    Rachel Morse, 2014-2015  
Leah Worthington, 2015-2016
    Monica Bowman, 2016-2017 
    Jamie Mansbridge, 2016-2017