Enslaved and Freed African Muslims: Spiritual Wayfarers in the South and Lowcountry

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About the Author
Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim
obtained his Ph.D. in African Studies with a focus on Islamic thought, spirituality and modernity issues from Howard University. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at The Citadel and the Executive Director (North America) at Quilliam International.

Additonal Credits
A special thanks to the two research assistants on this project, Ashley Hollinshead and Colby Causey, LDHI graduate assistant from the College of Charleston-Citadel Graduate History M.A. Program.

Editorial Contributors
Dr. Mia LaShaye Carey, Anthropology, National Park Service
Dr. Fatimah Fanusie, American History, Howard Thurman Historical Home
Dr. Rebecca Shumway, West African History, College of Charleston
Dr. Latif Tarik, African Diaspora History, Elizabeth City State University


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