The Stono Preserve's Changing Landscape

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About the Exhibit

The Stono Preserve's Changing Landscape exhibition explores the archaeology and history of a single geographic space in the South Carolina Lowcountry—a nearly 1,000-acre plot of land twenty miles west of the Charleston peninsula. The site's archaeology uncovers the region's prehistoric, colonial, antebellum, and twentieth-century histories. To illuminate the experiences of the people who shaped the landscape, this exhibit traverses the topics of prehistory, religion, slavery, agriculture, and wealth. Placed together, they reflect the defining narratives of South Carolina Lowcountry history. Published January 2020.


Authors: Kimberly Pyszka, associate professor of anthropology, Auburn University at Montgomery; Maureen Hays, professor of anthropology, College of Charleston. For a complete list of faculty and student researchers whose work made this exhibition possible, see the Authors and Researchers page.